Cardiff Campus Without Cruelty outreach!

On Monday 31st October at 1pm, Animal Justice Project, joined Cardiff Animals rights in their Campus Without Cruelty follow up outreach event.

In the spirit of Halloween, this was also a fancy dress occasion, and once again it was a huge success. We greatly appreciate all those who attended and dressed up for the occasion.

The response from the students at Cardiff University has been amazing, and we are getting more support with every event. Many students have told us of the shock and disappointment they feel on finding out about the cruel experiments going on inside the buildings around them, and many have come forward to offer their help and valuable skills.

We will be attending all future outreach events and there are plenty more to come so watch this space! A huge thank you to Cardiff Animal Rights for their work on this, and getting involved. We are happy to welcome all new volunteers to our welsh team!

If you would like to get involved, or organize your own Campus Without Cruelty outreach event, please do not hesitate to get in touch, just send an email to

On behalf of the animals, thank you.