Animal Justice Project university launches brand new campaign in Cardiff and Bristol!

Today we kick off our new Campus without Cruelty campaign – an Animal Justice Project initiative to tackle animal experiments taking place on university campuses across the UK. Currently, government figures show that around half of all experiments take place in universities. Campus without Cruelty has three main aims:

– To raise awareness amongst students and staff at universities on the issue of animal experimentation. We will also have a dedicated, 24 hour HOTLINE for students to report animal experimentation taking place on their campus.
– To encourage students not to use live animals as part of their education, and provide guidance on how to do this
– To carry out positive outreach on university campuses to spread the message of compassion and animal rights
The campaign will launch with several events over the coming weeks. First up we’ll be at Cardiff University and Bristol University with local activists from Bristol Animal Rights Coalition (BARC), Bristol University VegSoc and Cardiff Animal Rights. We chose these two universities because of their outstanding commitment to the continuation of animal experimentation!
Friday 23 September – Cardiff University
Despite the fact that there exists humane and effective methods of research not involving animals that many universities have now adopted with great success, Cardiff University continues to use animals – such as mice, rats, rabbits, fish, pigeons and amphibians – in their thousands. In 2015 alone, the university used no less than 52,000 animals in cruel and pointless research – making it one of the largest users of animals in the entire country!
We invite you to please join us 12pm at the main gates of Cardiff University (on Park Place, opposite the Students’ Union) on Friday 23rd September. Here, scores of blindfolded protesters will hold a silent protest in remembrance of the 52,564 animals experimented on at Cardiff University in one year. That is equivalent to six animals every hour. A speech will be given by Animal Justice Project Spokesperson, Rachel Ward.
Saturday 1 October – Bristol University
Bristol University has, since at least 2013, failed to respond to Freedom of Information requests from anyone (not just us!) on the number and species of animals being used at their laboratories. This is outrageous! Their reasoning is that they have no central system of record keeping, despite the fact that this is vital for transparency and accountability. In 2014, the university stated publicly that it would ‘implement a centralised system so that data such as that requested is more readily available in 2015’. In 2016, this system is still not in place, and Bristol University continues denying the public answers about their animal experiments.
The lack of a central system of record keeping is bizarre. The university MUST know how many animals it houses and why!
We invite you to please join us 12pm at the Wills Memorial Building on Queens Road outside Bristol University on Saturday 1st October. Here, we will be highlighting the lack of transparency by the university, and a formation of protesters will hold up face cards to represent the animals being experimented on. Animals include cats … so we ask Bristol University, #CatGotYourTongue?
If you require more information about the campaign, would like to sign up to one of the events, or set up your own event, contact