July 2016 Summer events!

We’ve wasted no time now that summer is finally here organising events all over the country to reach out to as many people as possible. It’s great to see that our hard work together with your generous donations and support are paying off as we witness a surge in volunteers helping at our info stands interest about animal experiments, and what we are doing to end them.

Upcoming events this summer!
Thanks to your donations, word of mouth and support, we are delighted to announce that throughout this summer we will be stepping up on raising public awareness at the following locations, so bring your family and friends to join us!
Action now! – End experiments on monkeys
Your role in speaking up against animal experiments is just as important as ours. Right now we urgently need you to spare 30 seconds to sign the petition to persuade the last university in Scandinavia using primates in research, to immediately stop doing so and to halt the malaria experiments being carried out on 120 macaque monkeys at the university lab. We are almost at our target of 50,000 signatures, please sign and shareRead more...
To strengthen our stance that the barbaric and out-dated practice of using primates in research is unnecessary, our Science Advisor, Dr Andre Menache submitted a Scientific Opinion for consideration by the Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks. Read more
What’s Been Happening?
Our job to fight the use of animals in labs doesn’t stop no matter the weather or the season! You may have caught us at one of the following events recently:
  • We were actively spreading the word about animal experimentsover Scotland including hosting an info stand in Aberdeen city centre prompting interests from the public to learn more about what we are doing to work towards a change.
  • Over in Birmingham took part in the biggest Wildlife Festival yet, featuring music, speakers and acts from a number of wildlife and ethical NGOs to highlight the struggle of wild animals.
  • We also celebrated National Badgers Week at the festival in Stafford.
  • Our art exhibition at Walsall featuring works from gifted artists (including Phillip McCulloch-Downs, Joanne McArthur, Jane O’ Hara, Karen Fiorito, Jen Meyer and Harriet Faith) to raise awareness for animals proved to be popular.
This first step to ending vivisection starts with public awareness and education, our active outreach campaigns which fuel this owe their success entirely from you and your generous contributions. As a 100% volunteer run and non-profit organisation, we ensure that every penny of your money goes into the most effective ways of combating animal experimentation and cruelty. We need your support!

If you would like to help us spread the word but cannot commit the time to volunteering, please consider raising awareness with some of our exclusive merchandise from our online shop. Animal Justice Project is an entirely non-profit organisation run by volunteers, we are relying on donations from our supporters in order to continue with future campaigns. Please click here to donate, for the animals. Make your donation regular! We rely on regular giving so please consider gifting a monthly recurring donation towards our life-saving work.

We are currently recruiting passionate individuals to join our expanding network across the country, if you share our vision for making a change and are interested in being part of the team, please contact us today!