Animal Justice Project takes monkey campaign to Swedish Embassy

Animal Justice Project takes monkey campaign to Swedish Embassy this World Week for Animals in Laboratories!
Following the immense media coverage our #StopMonkeyImports campaign has received over this past month, including features in The Express, The Glasgow Evening Times, The Guardian Series, The York Press and The Irish Examiner, yesterday we kicked off our weekend of action for the 24 monkeys held by Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, and to mark World Week for Animals in Laboratories.

Yesterday Animal Justice Project traveled to the Swedish Embassy in London to hand in an Open Letter to the UK Ambassador of Sweden signed by thirty three celebrities and eminent scientists calling for the release of the monkeys and an end to this cruel research.


Actress Joanna Lumley, comedian Alexei Sayle, Downton Abbey actor Peter Egan and American pop star Moby have joined leading primatologist Dr Jane Goodall in this plea:
“We urge the Swedish Embassy to uphold the wishes of over 40,000 people around the world who have signed a petition calling for an immediate end to the import and use of primates for research in Sweden; and to spare the 24 rhesus monkeys currently held at Astrid Fagraeus Laboratory by Karolinska Institutet, the only facility in Sweden to continue experimenting on primates. These monkeys were imported from the United States into Sweden last November, and are earmarked for cruel and futile research”.


We were joined at the Embassy by PETA, who launched a sister petition in support of our campaign. As well as over 40,000 people who signed our petition, PETA’s colossal weight has meant together over 65,000 have contacted Karolinska Institutet!


On Sunday, World Day for Animals in Laboratories, another important event will take place, this time in Stockholm, Sweden. Our partners, Djurrättsalliansen, who spearheaded this campaign, are hosting a demonstration right outside Astrid Fagraeus Laboratorium, where the monkeys are held.
Details can be found HERE.
If you haven’t yet signed the petition, you can do so HERE.
Your voice WILL be heard. Karolinska Institutet has already backtracked, stating 24 monkeys are to be used rather than the original number of 120. Let’s keep the pressure on to END primate experiments in Scandinavia!