1 April 2016

Welcome to the eleventh issue of REACT Animal Justice Project’s newsletter! A big welcome if this is your first issue, many thanks for signing up and we hope you enjoy it!
Animal Justice Project is run by a team of volunteers and we need your help. Please support our work by campaigning with us, donating or attending our events. Join us in the struggle to free the non-human animals who are held as prisoners right this second. Help us end their suffering and put a stop to this out-dated and barbaric business.

#StopMonkeyImports campaign gets BIG!
BREAKING NEWS: Animal Justice Project’s celebrity support was featured last week in at least 14 newspapers across the UK, including the The Express,  The Glasgow Evening Times, The Guardian Series, The York Press and The Irish Examiner.
Actress Joanna Lumley, comedian Alexei Sayle, Downton Abbey actor Peter Egan and American pop star Moby have joined leading primatologist Dr Jane Goodall to demand an end to research on the rhesus macaques for the malaria study at Karolinska Institutet.
SIGN THE PETITION and help us reach 50,000 before World Day!
The campaign is a partnership with Swedish organisation, Djurrättsalliansen who are organising a demonstration outside the laboratory on World Day for Animals in Laboratories. Animal Justice Project will also be there, speaking at the event!
If you live in Sweden visit the demo page!
Animal Justice Project INTERNATIONAL NEWS
Victory! Beagle bosses will go to prison!
We are pleased to announce that in February an appeal court confirmed the prison sentences that were dished out by an Italian Court to the Veterinarian and Managers of Green Hill. Green Hill is a notorious beagle breeding company which supplied animals to labs around the world!
The court affirmed that the 3,000 beagles seized from the facility during an animal abuse investigation would not be returned and would remain in their adoptive families. Brilliant news!
Animal Justice Project has campaigned against the expansion of the B&K ferret and beagle breeding farm in Yorkshire, if you haven’t already spoken out, you can do soHERE
Shameful statistics!
In Ireland, nearly 122,000 animals were used in experiments at six of the country’s top universities over a three-year period.
FIVE of Britain’s top universities were also named and shamed in The Mirror over animal research! The University of Oxford headed the list, compiled by Cruelty Free International, with a total of 226,739 animals being used in experiments.  In decreasing order, it was followed by The University of Edinburgh, UCL, King’s College London, and University of Cambridge.
On February’s ‘World Cancer Day’, Animal Justice Project reported how 60,000 experiments were conducted on animals in the UK during 2014 for cancer research.
It has been a busy month for us here in Scotland, having been in contact with a number of research institutes regarding a wide range of experiments all over the country in which animals are being used needlessly in cruel research. Many experiments that are carried out have been done numerous times before and provide no new information, while the ones which are new in method fail to explain what the results would be in human subjects, or even if a similar result would be had. There are too many instances to count in which animal and human experiments have completely different results, leading us to ask why animal experimentation is still going on to such a large extent in this day and age and why it continues at all.
While we have mainly been working on gathering information together for our 2016 campaigns, we have a press release due in the next month regarding a particular piece of research carried out in Scotland.  We have been speaking to people in the city of Aberdeen and it was very surprising to learn how many people did not realise that animal experiments were going on in their own city. This is something we plan to make known to as many members of the public as we possibly can!
Animal Justice Project EVERYWHERE!
We’ll be starting off April in Bristol at LUSH, 73 Broadmead, BS1 3DX on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd with an info stand and merchandise for sale!
We will also be benefiting from sales of LUSH Charity Pots in the store over the two days so what better excuse do you need to treat yourself and help fund our campaigns for animals in laboratories at the same time!
On Saturday April 23rd we’re delighted to be attending the Northern Vegan Festival at the Britannia Sachas Hotel, 12 Tib Street, Manchester, M4 1SH for the first time! This is a huge event so we’ll update you on social media nearer the time so you know where to come and find us!
Then we’re rounding up the month back in Bristol for the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair at the Trinity Centre, Trinity Road, BS2 0NW.
Don’t forget, you can keep updated on all our events and fundraisers via our website.
We are proud and excited to introduce to you our two new Eastern Regional Coordinators – Lauren and Emma!
If you are based in or around ‪Essex and interested in volunteering with Animal Justice Project drop Lauren an email at
Welcome to the team, Lauren and Emma!
Animal Justice Project in Wales!
This month we also welcome Rachel who is going to be co-ordinating in Wales, if you would like to get involved with activities in Wales please contact!
Animal Justice Project is aiming to work with universities around the country to provide resources for positive outreach among students. We would greatly appreciate your help with this initiative – if you’re a student currently studying at uni and would like the opportunity to be involved, please contact the Student Coordinator Josie Cocks at
Our exclusive ‘Freedom’ design, very generously created for us by vegan artist Jenny Lewis, has proved so popular we’re expanding our range!  We’ve now added stickers to our online shop and they’ll be available at our events too!
All funds raised from purchases go directly to our campaigns and outreach work.
Animal Justice Project is an entirely non-profit organisation run by volunteers, we are counting on donations from our supporters in order to continue with future campaigns. Please click here to donate towards our much needed campaigning materials, for the animals.