Animal Justice Project is today asking you to support friends at No New Animal Lab during the start of their week-long action against the company, Skanska. #StormSkanska
Every year, tens of millions of animals in the United States alone are used in biological and medical research that is both cruel and futile. Animal Justice Project revealed last year the shocking waste of taxpayer money for recreational drug experiments on animals in both a Special Report and the Washington Times. Yesterday we published our second Special Report on this issue.

The University of Washington plans to build an underground animal lab, Animal Research and Care Facility (ARCF), which would expand the number of animals tortured and killed in cruel experiments by up to 30 per cent. Already used are thousands of animals – dogs, cats, non-human primates, guinea pigs, rabbits, pigs, mice, rats, and countless unlisted invertebrates. Skanska is the construction company contracted by the university to build the new lab. Today we ask you to contact their UK office by PHONE, asking them to end their participation in the barbaric and antiquated process of vivisection. 
TEL: +44 (0) 1923 776 666 
Tell Skanska not to build the animal lab!