Celebrities and primatologists support Animal Justice Project in speaking out against monkey experiments in prestigious university lab!

Thirty three celebrities and eminent scientists including Joanna Lumley, Moby, Peter Egan, Alexei Sayle and world-renowned primatologist Jane Goodall, have joined Animal Justice Project and Djurrättsalliansen in leading a call for mercy for twenty four monkeys facing experiments in Scandinavia. 

Their support for our #StopMonkeyImports campaign has today been featured in newspapers nationwide, including The Guardian, The York Press, The Irish Examiner, The Daily Echo and The Express.
Over 40,000 people have signed our petition so far for an end to monkeys experiments at Karolinska Institute. And, on World Day for Animals in Laboratories, we plan an event outside the laboratory itself.
The twenty four rhesus macaques were flown from primate breeder, PreLabs, in the United States to the laboratory in Sweden for a malaria study. Research which, according to a Special Report by Animal Justice Project’s Science Advisor, Dr. Andre Menache, is of poor relevance to humans, and may even be illegal according to EU legislation set down in Directive 2010/63/EU.
The celebrities, several key primatologists and our two organisations are also opposed to the research on ethical grounds. The twenty four monkeys would have endured gruelling journeys before reaching quarantine in Sweden. They may be housed in cages only two meters high, and four cubic metres and official documentation obtained by the organisations reveal that two of the twenty four monkeys have already suffered prolapses, and endured a series of blood tests. Rectal prolapses are acknowledged to be indicative of gross stress in non-human primates within the laboratory setting, particularly as a result of restraint for procedures such as blood sampling. Prolapses have also been documented as being a cause of death during shipping and quarantine.
Animal Justice Project International Director, Claire Palmer states: “Whilst we are against all animal experiments, primate experiments are particularly unpopular – as is clear by our celebrity and public support on this campaign. Animal Justice Project urges Sweden to immediately end to the import and use of primates for research; and to spare the twenty four rhesus monkeys who are earmarked for cruel and futile research”.