Don’t be heartless this valentine’s day

Animal Justice Project recently launched our #StopMonkeyImports Campaign to end the use of primates in cruel and futile malaria experiments at Karolinska Institutet – the last university in Scandinavia to use primates in research.

This Valentine’s Day, whether you are spending time with a loved one or simply enjoying being by yourself, Animal Justice Project asks that you find a little more space in your heart for 24 Rhesus macaques who arrived in Sweden last November following a grueling journey via Germany from a breeding laboratory in the United States. 
These young monkeys will never have experienced freedom, and they will be lonely, afraid and confused Right now, we believe they are nearing the end of their incarceration in quarantine and, if they haven’t already been subjected to painful procedures as part of the study, they soon will be. For more information, visit
In the beginning, Karolinska Institute had earmarked 120 macaques for the study. We believe it is no coincidence that, upon receiving our petition signed by thousands of people opposing the research, the university issued a statement claiming that ’no more than 24 are planned to be included in the study’. Don’t be fooled – Karolinska Institute can import more monkeys at any time. 
Their fate is sealed if we do not #React! They will be subjected to multiple invasive procedures over at least a year – including bone marrow biopsies, repeated vaccinations and blood sampling. Lymph node biopsies will be obtained from the monkeys’ armpits or groins. They will experience pain, suffering and discomfort in the laboratory, and each one will be housed in a cage. Some cages at the laboratory have a floor area no bigger than two metres square. A far cry from their natural jungle home, I’m sure you’ll agree.
For more information about the monkeys’ plight, read our SPECIAL REPORT.
We’ve already had some success with our #StopMonkeyImports Campaign. We need YOUR help now! SIGN THE PETITION HERE!
Our petition has been signed by over 37,000 compassionate people! But we have a long way to go before we reach our target of 50,000 before World Day for Animals in Laboratories on 24th April 2016.
Please, have a heart this Valentine’s Day by signing and sharing the petition on social media, and among friends and family. The 24 monkeys are relying on you, please do not let them down.
Here is the link again.
This is a joint campaign with Swedish organisation, Djurrättsalliansen. Together, we can end primate experiments in Sweden. Forever!
On behalf of the 24 monkeys incarcerated by Karolinska Institute this Valentine’s Day, thank you!