What YOU helped Animal Justice Project achieve in only TEN months for animals in laboratories!

Because of your support, 2015 was a truly groundbreaking year for Animal Justice Project. Through our cutting-edge street actions and international campaigns to raise awareness and help animals in laboratories, Animal Justice Project has had an incredible ten months. We couldn’t have done it without you!
You’ve helped us expose in the media animal abuse inside university and government-funded laboratories!

– In March, we exposed the use of pigs, macaques, marmosets, rats and rabbits at Porton Down as part of our Secret War: The Invisible Victims campaign, reaching around one million people on the FRONT PAGE of The Mirror. In the same month, our Science Advisor, Dr. Andre Menache spoke on Talk Radio Europe about our work to end the use of animals in warfare research as part of the campaign against Porton Down. We went on to expose researchers at the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford and University of Birmingham, amongst others, about their warfare research on animals such as pigs, rabbits, mice and monkeys.
– April was an incredibly busy month for our Deadly Doses: A Legal Low campaign which received EXCLUSIVE coverage in the prestigious The Sunday Times newspaper – a broadsheet that is read by a quarter of a billion people each week – as well as in the International Business Times and a number of nationwide newspapers including Cambridge News and Wales Online.
– In June, Animal Justice Project International Director maintained focus on the Deadly Doses: A Legal Low campaign by speaking to BBC Radio Sussex – which reaches over 250,000 people a week – about researchers injecting cocaine into the brains and stomachs of mice at Sussex University.
– Between April and June, as part of the same campaign, students up and down Britain were informed about experiments on animals for recreational drugs inside their own universities via student rags, such as The Tab, The University Paper, the Cambridge Student and Impact.
– In July, we lent our support to long-running campaigns to prevent the expansion of a beagle and ferret breeding facility in Yorkshire. Animal Justice Project and the controversial plans by the company B&K Universal received nationwide media coverage in both the Yorkshire Post  and The Huffington Post.
– In November, a Special Report by Animal Justice Project USA reached 100,000 Americans in the Washington Post and the Daily Caller. A special feature with our US Coordinator, Julia Orr, on RT Television focused on the injecting of LSD into the brains of rabbits and the drugging of mice to see their reaction to heat.
You’ve helped us hold animal researchers accountable with your actions!
– In the United States, we launched Deadly Doses: A Legal Low campaign in March with a successful and loud demonstration at UCLA, notorious for their animal experiments. Later in the year we followed this up with the new #TaxSpendingTorture element alongside the Taxpayers Protection Alliance with a damning Special Report. This revealed the use of $150 million US taxpayer dollars by the United States government on futile and inhumane animal research at 21 institutions such as UC Berkeley, Stanford and UCLA. As part of this campaign, we urged Animal Justice Project supporters to write to Congress.
– In June, we joined forces with Gateway to Hell to take part in a Weekend of Action against Air France KLM to protest their transport of animals to laboratories. Our Tweet Storm and Phone Into Air France were shared by hundreds of people on social media.
– In October, we partnered up with Djurrättsalliansen to launch a science and ethics-based #StopMonkeyImports  campaign aimed at halting the import of 120 Rhesus monkeys from the United States into Swedish university, Karolinska Institutet for malaria research. Animal Justice Project Science Advisor, Dr. Menache, provided an in depth and powerful report of the flaws in this research and our petition has been signed so far by almost 30,000 people around the world. As a result of this pressure, the university backtracked in December and issued a statement claiming that ‘only’ 24 monkeys would be used. We are continuing pressure on the university and the petition is growing every day! Sign it now here .
– Over 560,000 people signed a petition urging the UK government to reverse its decision to grant planning permission to allow the company, B&K, to expand its beagle and ferret breeding facility in Yorkshire. Within less than a week, the petition became one of the most popular petitions of all time! In July, Animal Justice Project launched a follow-up Urgent Action to Greg Clark, Secretary of State, which was also signed by thousands. Our Urgent Action was retweeted by celebrities Dr. Brian May and Ricky Gervais as part of another Tweet Storm to appeal directly to Greg Clark!
Your donations paid for outreach materials so we could reach thousands of people on the streets and at events!
– Between March and December, Animal Justice Project reached far-and-wide by distributing over 12,000 leaflets and flyers, as well as 900 postcards about animal experiments in towns around the UK including Salisbury, Stafford, Southend and Birmingham.
– Our eye-catching info-stands were present at eleven vegan fayres around the UK and Europe, including The Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival, London VegFest and MiVeg in Italy.
– In March, June and August, we launched our flagship campaigns with visually-stunning street events and art  on the busy streets of Central London and Salisbury.
– In October, our Scotland Coordinator, Flo, launched Animal Justice Project Scotland with info stands in Aberdeen. Her screening of the award-winning documentary, Inside Fur  followed in December and this was reported in the Aberdeen Voice.
– In December, Animal Justice Project flew to Sweden to attend Vegomässan – the largest vegan event in Sweden – to raise awareness on the plight of the monkeys at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.
Finally .. we continue to hit the roof on social media! Our Instagram has gained over 3,500 followers, we have over 11,000 ‘likes’ on our Facebook page and now almost 2,000 followers on Twitter (@ajpReact). These platforms enable us to reach even more people about the plight of animals in laboratories, sell our merchandise, invite supporters to take part in competitions, and much more!
.. and our monthly newsletter REACT reaches over 5,000 people every month appealing to people who do not always follow us on social media.
We did all this in only TEN months. With the support of compassionate people like yourself, we really will change the world for animals in laboratories. Last year, the number of experiments on animals was a whopping 3.87 million. It may be too late for many of those individuals, but we have BIG PLANS in 2016 to help those who continue to be blinded, burnt, poisoned, tortured and killed in the name of ‘science’.
We literally cannot do this without you! Make next year possible by CLICKING HERE to make a year-end donation and support our lifesaving work.
Happy New Year, from all of us at Animal Justice Project!