The 2014 figures for the use of animals in experiments

The 2014 figures for the use of animals in experiments released today demonstrate the government’s new method of calculating numbers. From this year, the government counts only the number of COMPLETED procedures in annual figures, EXCLUDING animals that were still being experimented on at the end of 2014.

In 2014, the number of COMPLETED experiments on animals was 3.87 million. This decrease is due to the methodology in calculating the number of animals used, which has changed from previous years. The Home Office’s chief statistician David Blunt has emphasised that there is a “discontinuity” between previous year’s numbers and 2014 figures. [1]
The majority of these animals are killed during, or at the end of, the experiments. Each number in the new government report represents an individual being who was used and suffered in a laboratory somewhere in the UK.
Today we also remember the hundreds of thousands of animals not counted in these, or any other, statistics who are bred and destroyed every year by the animal research industry. From the tiny, innocent genetically-modified mice, to small beagle puppies, imported macaques and mini-pigs. All are killed because they are considered ‘defective’ or ‘surplus’ to requirements.
The new statistics reveal a diverse list of animal species used over the past year by researchers in crude and pointless experiments – including mice, pigs, horses, frogs, dogs, rabbits, fish, chickens, non-human primates and sheep.
Animals are individual beings who feel pain, and experience fear, solitude and anxiety. Yet they are tattooed with numbers, and considered ‘tools’, or laboratory instruments in laboratories. Vivisection is a morally indefensible practice.
49% of experimental procedures carried out in 2014 were carried out in universities, 17% in other (publicly-funded) laboratories,10% by non-profit organisations, such as charities, and 25% by commercial companies, such as the pharmaceutical, food and agricultural industries.
Examples of some of the 2014 Statistics. Remember, Numbers are Lives.
  • Toxicity procedures on animals: 306,000 experiments (8% of the total 3.87 million procedures)
  • Procedures classified as ‘basic’ or ‘curiosity’ research: 1.04 million experiments (27% of the total procedures)
  • Percentage of procedures classified as severe, moderate or mild: 84% [2]
  • Percentage of procedures using genetically altered animals e.g. mice, rats, fish, pigs: 32%
Examples of some of the Number of Procedures Carried out on Animals in 2014.
  • Mice: 1.16 million procedures
  • Dogs: 4,107 procedures
  • Non-human primates: 3,246 procedures
  • Bovines: 49,354 procedures
  • Pigs: 3,495 procedures
  • Fish: 418,000 procedures
1.94 million genetically altered animals, mainly mice, were created/bred and disposed of.
Animal Justice Project is ethically opposed to the use of animals in all experiments.