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Animal Justice Project’s  Numbers Are Lives!
You can help us shine a light on the horrors of vivisection by donating towards our campaigns.
Universities in the UK are under the media spotlight again. Did you know that 49% of all animal experiments in the UK happen in publicly funded universities?   

Literally every number is a life, every single animal, regardless of species, has the desire just like us to live their lives free of fear, pain and suffering.
Unbelievably there are still some UK universities that, despite  Animal Justice Project’s requests under the Freedom of Information Act, have not responded or have withheld information on the number of animals used in experiments Universities such as Swansea, Bristol, Manchester and Southampton.
At the top of the list for use of animals is the University of Oxford that used over 226,000 animals in 2014, these numbers represent the individual lives of animals such as macaques, mice, rabbits, rats, ferrets and frogs.
In the centre of London as people unknowingly walk past University College London (UCL) over 176,000 animals were experimented on. Can you imagine the desperation of the caged animals, like macaques, pigs, rabbits, rats and hamsters, behind the walls of UCL?
Help us break down these walls and shine a light on the horrors of vivisection. Your help is needed now more than ever before to enable us to produce and post out information packs, start our new campaigns and fund our investigations to stop the suffering of animals in laboratories! Every penny spent goes to helping the animals.
Animal Justice Project EVERYWHERE! 
Coming up next month we’ll be hosting an info stand at the Stafford Ethical Spring Fayre, on Saturday March 26th which has been organised by our very own Midlands Regional Coordinator, Charlotte!  It will be held at Oddfellows Hall, 17 Greengate Street, ST162HP, Staffordshire. The vegan event is in aid of the  Dr Hadwen Trust (DHT) the UK’s leading non-animal medical research charity.  The Ethical Spring Fayre  is also a fundraising event for Animal Justice Project.   
Animal Justice Project Co-ordinators across the country will be hosting info-stands at LUSH stores nationwide on the following dates and we are delighted to receive support from the company:
Saturday 26th March, LUSH, 101 Lakeside Shopping Centre, Grays, RM20 2ZP 
Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th May 2016, Lush, Overgate, High Street, Dundee, DD1 1UG, Scotland
Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd April, LUSH, 73 Broadmead, Bristol, BS1 3DX
Saturday 7th May, LUSH, 23 New St, Birmingham, B2 4RQ 
For more details of all our up and coming events, click HERE
Do you want to volunteer and become part of Animal Justice Project? Street actions include: Events, Information Stalls, Vivisection Outreach and Regional Coordination. 
Being a forward-thinking organisation, we encourage new innovative ideas and forms of activism – let us know your suggestions and let’s see if we can put them into action…BE IMAGINATIVE!
This January we reached over 38,000 signatures on our petition to end the cruel malaria experiments carried out on monkeys by Swedish researchers at a laboratory in Stockholm on behalf of Karolinska Institutet – the LAST university to still use primates in research! #REACT! by signing and sharing our petition today! Help us reach 40,000 signatures! SIGN HERE
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We currently have our set of four badges that were featured last month and also our black logo t-shirts available from our online shop.
All funds raised from purchases go directly towards our campaigns and outreach work.
Animal Justice Project  is a non-profit organisation and relies solely on donations and volunteers. Please join us in campaigning for the non-human animals who are being held as prisoners right this second.  We hope that we can count on you to support our work and help us end their unnecessary pain and suffering.