Animal Justice Project’s Science Advisor puts case against vivisection before European Parliament

It’s been an exciting new start for us, we launched only three months ago in the UK and the United States. Since then we’ve launched two campaigns – Secret War, and Deadly Doses, against the use of animals in warfare research, and recreational drugs research.

We’ve reached millions via two national newspapers. The Sunday Times, which covered our Deadly Doses campaign to highlight the ongoing research on rats and mice routinely injected with Class A drugs such as cocaine and heroin by researchers at so-called ‘leading’ universities. The Mirror covered our exposé, Secret War, about barbaric warfare experiments on animals such as marmoset monkeys, guinea pigs and rabbits at facilities such as Porton Down. Several regional newspapers across the UK, including the largest newspaper in the city of Cambridge, the Cambridge News, have also covered our campaigns.
In under three months, Animal Justice Project has reached over 4,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook, and over 1,000 followers on Twitter. That’s thousands of new voices for animals in laboratories! All this is only possible thanks to YOU.  This is just the beginning of Animal Justice Project. Please help us to continue reaching new heights for animals by DONATING  today to Animal Justice Project. Only with regular donations can we ensure our campaigns continue to roll out in the UK and elsewhere.
Team Animal Justice Project has also expanded! We now have a brilliant new Northern Coordinator, Izzy! If you would like to be involved in Animal Justice Project, and live in the North of England, drop her a line at
Last month, Animal Justice Project was proud to add its name to a petition alongside the organisation, For Life on Earth calling for a scientific public debate on the misleading results and bad science of animal experiments. Add your voice today to the 18,000 others who have already signed, and the 83 members of the last UK Parliament who signed Parliamentary Early Day Motions 263 and 22 in support of a public debate.
Sign HERE! Your letter will be sent to scientists directly from, and supportive of, the animal experimentation community – demanding they justify their science claims!
Animal Justice Project is expanding internationally and forming new alliances both here in the UK and overseas. Last week we joined forces with Gateway to Hell  to take part in a ‘Weekend of Action’ against Air France KLM to protest their transport of animals to laboratories. Watch this space!
For more international events, check out events page.
Last month there was a groundbreaking public hearing to discuss the validity of animal experiments at the European Parliament in response to a ‘Citizen’s Initiative’ petition signed by over 1.2 million people! Whilst many MEPs were receptive to the case against animal research, the pro-vivisection lobby worked hard to defend animal experiments in the media. Animal Justice Project Science Advisor, Dr. Andre Menache and Dr. Ray Greek, CEO of Antidote Europe, as well as others, gave an unequivocal case however against vivisection. Animal Justice Project advocates for the complete abolition of animal experiments as animal rights advocates on ethical grounds, however we also know that animal research = unreliable research! For more information, go to
Summer is a great time for us to get out onto the streets and carry out positive outreach. We also plan to launch a unique educational initiative on university campuses across the UK. We also have some exciting events lined up! Two weeks ago, we we hosted a London benefit gig and vegan BBQ with Gab De La Vega – a musical artist and Fermare Green Hill campaigner from Italy. On Saturday, we held an info stall at Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival in Leeds. We will be at Viva’s Incredible Vegan Roadshow   in Portsmouth on September 5th, and Northamptonshire’s Vegan Fayre in November. For a list of all our UK events, go to
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On behalf of animals in laboratories everywhere, thank you.