Event at Animals in War Memorial

We ended another busy week with our first ever event held at the beautiful and moving Animals in War Memorial in Central London.  As part of our ongoing campaign, ‘Secret War: The Invisible Victims’, volunteers stood silently and blindfolded to represent the hidden abuses of animals inside government facilities and universities. We also received further media coverage of our campaign in The Tab Leicester and the Sunday Mercury in Birmingham.

This first Animal Justice Project event took place in London on Sunday 22nd March 2015. A professional make-up artist created visually stunning ‘war wounds’ to replicate the injuries inflicted on animals in laboratories, and volunteers wore blindfolds to portray these hidden acts. Our placards depicted some of the many species used in military experiments, the procedures they are forced to endure, and the feelings they evoke.
Animal Justice Project’s International Director gave an impassioned speech detailing the atrocious experiments revealed in ‘Secret War: The Invisible Victims’ expose, and anti-war campaigner, Kirsten Bayes spoke about how, both human and non-human animals are the silent victims of war.
The event drew the attention of the public passing by. Many stopped to take photographs, listen to the speeches and read our leaflets.